God Noodle

God Noodle is an Ultra God that takes care of the process of cup noodle making, from beginning to end. In other words, he is the god of cup noodles. God Noodle appears to lonely culinary geniuses who are trying to make breakthroughs in cup noodle technology and need an extra daemonic push. Thanks to the international popularity of cup noodles, God Noodle is ranked by mortals as an upper-tier Ultra God in Ultra God Digest.

It is rumored that God Noodle has a half-divine son named King Cup Noodle who, when found, grants the discoverer a lifetime supply of cup noodle flavor packs. King Cup Noodle, unlike his father, is the size of a large cup noodle, so locating him has proven to be very difficult, as he can disguise himself among shelves of cup noodles in grocery stores. "Deity Noodle Sensor" devices are being built by the world's leading technologists to assist in this endeavor.

Targets of Inspiration

God Noodle is known to have inspired the culinary genius Gordon Ramslay.

Worshipped by Gladiolus.