Goddom of the Axe

The Goddom of the Axe is a vast goddom located in Aframa. It is ruled by a benevolent deity and Weapon of Ultimate, the Golden Axe. It is rumored that the Golden Axe was an original weapon of the Original Slam Gods. The citizens of the Axe, Axeites refuse to acknowledge the divinity of Neo Slam Gods, of which they have plenty of valid reasoning for.

The Axe is characterized by its longevity and for being the resting place of the illuminated god hand, Fist of the G-Arm. Despite its reputation for commerce and trade, entry into the Axe is prohibited to most outsiders lest they are there to trade. The reason for this isolation follows a story where many Dragonlandese accidentally impaled themselves onto ceremonial ivory tusks.

Long-standing Axe has natural defenses which include the blistering sun and gigaphants, giant beasts whose tusks can tear through any armor. The Axe itself is situated over a sprawling mass of its ancient cities, with 99% of its ancient compartments forming 50% of its immense height. The only way to enter the Axe is to go through the Gauntlet, which is really just a really long staircase. Despite the Axe's towering might, Axeites love building obelisks, and some rumors have spread that the Axeites have pierced the sky. Conspiracy theorists purport Axeites are trying to bring down the sky on the rest of the G-urth. It is uncertain if any of this is true, but the Axe's tallest obelisk, also known as the Axe, can be seen from anywhere on G-urth. More rumors linger that this obelisk is actually the Golden Axe itself.

The Golden Axe invented coinage, after seeing the inequality of bartering. It later admitted that was a ho most big mistake.