Gold Dig G-Ant

Gold Dig G-Ants were an animal that was purported to be the size of a Glum Rammer Lord and resembled fuzzy ants. Gold Dig G-Ants are said to come from In-G-ia. The account of Gold Dig G-Ant comes from Diplo's Histories. On the far eastern province of Certain Country, the sandy desert contained a hidden wealth of gold, and this explains the numerous bling (and blingvolk) in Certain Capital. Apparently, the animal Gold Dig G-Ant unearthed the gold dust while digging mounds, and people collected the dust, later lathering them onto their skin or transmuting them into solid gold.

Scientists from the area conjectured that the Certain marmot was actually the animal Diplo was describing as a "giant ant." In order to embarrass the distinguished scholar, people raised money for Diplo to go on a personal expedition to witness his grave error. Strangely, when Diplo arrived in the In-G-ian town of Goldalaj, the entire population had been replaced by giant ants…

Diplo fled.