Gold GT

Gold GT is a large man who embedded several megatons of gold in his skin. He did this to feel the weight of the unfortunate and impoverished, whom he says wear gold heavily in their hearts.

Golden Beginnings

Gold GT grew up in Danger City, where he had plenty of eyewitness experiences of murder, ramming, and other crimes. He dedicates his life of goodness to his mother, Gold Mumma. GT attended the Danger City Vocational School for Violence where he studied wrestling, suffering, dendrology, and goldsmithing. From his studies of dendrology, GT learned to despise trees, likening their ability to create oxygen as a cruel structure of power as humans were reliant on their production.

GT decided to enlist in the Burgburg Army, the Burger Brigade. When his sergeant punished him by giving him the detail of chopping down trees, but not where or how many, GT began a decade-long campaign of tree-killing until his major was able to find him and supersede the sergeant's order. GT was discharged after the entire West Coast of Burgburg died from asphyxiation.

GT then worked as a bouncer. He began wearing the trademark of gold chains when club owners wanted certain patrons kicked out, or when banned patrons tried to enter. GT would approach and slam them, decompressing them into liquid gold that he would mold into jewelry. GT says his tenure as a bouncer led to over a thousand fights daily. When people tried to sue him for his overly violent method, GT would transform the plaintiffs and their lawyers into gold, too. Eventually, the gold covered his entire body. During his first week, it took an hour to put on all his jewelry; by the end, he had given up, and the gold began to embed itself into his skin like that of Smaug, a distant relative of GT.

GT's bouncer career eventually led to a career as a bodyguard. His reputation climbed sharply, and he was hired for famous clients such as Atrocious Aniki, Hero, Belphegor, and Jarry Boschwraggler. GT's rates ranged from 3,000 turkey legs to over 10,000, depending on the Risku Reveru Ga and Danger Zone. GT's reputation also led to several strange offers that ranged from assassination, tracking teenagers, to destroying Grandgod Church.

In one instance, GT received a letter offering 75 million spider legs to assassinate a target. Included in the envelope was a crate of 5,000 spider legs as an advance, and a fully-assembled F-14 to personally fly to the target. GT declined and tried to warn the victim, but was too late. The victim, Rumple Beaumont, had already tripped and fallen into a Dracula Hole.

Golden Emanate

GT's escapades as a bodyguard soon caught the interest of Terry Boulder, who offered him a role as guest tag wrestler at MuscleMania. His first time in professional wrestling, GT dominated the ring. Every other WHAMESCO wrestler was opposed to it, citing GT's inexperience with the raw and adlut world of professional wrestling, and they often tried to bribe security to block him. Unbeknownst to them, GT's experience as a bodyguard and bouncer allowed him to utilize the security team's greatest weak points. In some rare instances, wrestlers went missing, only for GT's gold-laden body to become even denser. Ultimate Warrior has said that he and other fellow wrestlers disliked GT because he was an actor and had never paid his dues as a professional wrestler.

After several Musclemanias, GT expanded his career to becoming a children's idol, creating several shows to train children to fight the influences of the Dark Slam Gods. Throughout the series, he gives helpful advice to children: for example, he teaches them how to understand and appreciate their origins, how to dress fashionably without buying designer labels, how to make tripping up look like breakdancing, how to control their anger, and how to deal with peer pressure. There are several dance routines and songs that GT wrote himself. GT accidentally killed a stage performer when he fell on them, crushing them to death instantly with his megatons of gold. GT apologized, but later rescinded when he found out that the dance performer was the child of the owner of a nature preserve with a world record of trees. "Glad, I killed him," is his usual remark on the matter now.

GT's largest claim to fame is most likely the phrase he coined, "I kill the fool," because of how it promotes violence.

One time, he angered the residents of a Ohio suburb, Lake French Fries, by cutting down more than a hundred oak trees on his estate. The incident is now referred to as The Lake French Fries Chain Saw Massacre.