Golden Girls

The Golden Girls are a quartet of golden-skinned immortal goddesses that judge humanity from their loft on a golden cloud in Hothole.


  • Authority Zbornak, the leader of the Golden Girls. She was actually a mortal from Martinettio before ascending to Goldhood. She was the master of Gold GT. After retiring, she fell in one of her hundred personal gold mines. It's a mystery what happened, but months later, she arose covered in gold and glamour.
  • Rose Nyloins, a Golden Girl capable of growing infinitely new loins. They're scented with rose. The other Golden Girls do not like her, but withstand her presence because they love the smell of Rose's freshly produced loins.
  • Blanche D'Heck, despite being named White of Hell, she is truly the Gold of Hell. She is the inventor of the Nanto Seiken style, but prefers her off-shoot of the style that uses the Southern Bell, a 100-ton iron bell.
  • Hagia Sophia in Petrol, the patron of wisdom. She is a sentient basilica always on fire, having been doused in Eternal Petrol. Throughout history she has haphazardly changed religions based on whose adherents were the most buff. This has garnered criticism from the other Golden Girls, all of which has been thoroughly ignored.