Golden PeKINGU

Golden PeKINGU is the capital city of the Land of Dragons. The entire city is the personal household of 大BIGGU王, the ruler of the Land of Dragons. It is built upon an unreachable hill so that 大BIGGU王 cannot be disturbed by the peasantry. However, this has led to economic collapse and societal retardation. In case some government officials try to breach Golden PeKINGU, Got-Dangs, 大BIGGU王's personal mecha, guard the city in the sky and dispatch any living thing in the city's vicinity. At the center of Golden PeKINGU is the Final Laser Shrine that 大BIGGU王 uses to placate his anger, knowing he is killing millions by switching on and off the Final Laser's switch.

The complex consists of around 1,000 buildings. Each one contains a shrine resembling 大BIGGU王, even though 大BIGGU王 is the only resident of the city. Golden PeKINGU houses an exhaustive collection of artwork, artifacts, and out-of-print anime. When the complex's capacity for artwork overfills, a chute sends the excess into a volcano, known as ARTDESTROYER. Golden PeKINGU has perfect fortification. Its city walls appear to be 10,000 feet tall; in actuality, they reach unmeasured heights. The rest of the wall is invisible so that others can look into Golden PeKINGU and feel jealousy.

The current 大BIGGU王 holds a festival wherein Dragon citizens can see into the city's interior from the air by armless Got-Dangs. If those Got-Dangs appear suspicious, the armed Got-Dangs will immediately shoot them down with their replicas of the Final Laser, known as Little W.G. Lasers.

Golden PeKINGU was originally built by the GOLD Dynasty 大BIGGU王, SHINY王, when workers found a vein that was 100% gold. He personally executed the workers, mined the gold himself, and built the city in one night. He then went on a decade-long vacation. When worried government officials went to the newly built complex to visit SHINY王, the gate's traps opened and turned them into gold that SHINY王 later used to build more buildings for Golden PeKINGU.

Nowadays, people can be granted permission to enter the Golden PeKINGU, but they have to wear a body suit made of gold. Some people have died when the weight of the gold crushed them. Only in one case was someone authorized to not wear a suit; this was Gold GT. In Gold GT's case, the 大BIGGU王 tried to melt him and use him to build a new jacuzzi. Luckily, Gold GT escaped.

Golden PeKINGU's anthem was commissioned to the Großtodeswalder mega duo Modern Modern Talking, and it is rumored that its actual utility is to be the true FINARU DEFENSE of Golden PeKINGU.