Goliath Devileater Spider

The Goliath Devileater Spider is the strongest species of spiders in the history of Slam. While it belongs to the tarantula family, some biologists dispute the classification because the Goliath Devileater is a hundred times huger than any other tarantula. Most of its body mass is concentrated in its diamond-hard legs that are retractable and a mile long/1 mm thick each. The main body is a one-centimeter appendage that looks like a bird dump. It uses this for disguise. Called the Goliath Devileater Spider, its name is derived from a platinum engraving by Jacopo Pumppano that depicts the spider ingesting a Muscle Satan while enjoying a demon blood mojito. The actual engraving is missing because the Grandgod Church banned it for undermining the power level of Muscle Satans, lest they enrage the Muscle Satans. Despite this, there have been many alleged sightings of Goliath Devileaters eating Muscle Satans.

The Goliath Devileater Spider is native to the rain forest regions of South Burgburg. The species creates impressive skyscrapers of reinforced web upon which it perches. Goliath Devileaters are considered very egotistic. Females always mate and sometimes end up eating their mates. The female-to-male ratio is 1,000,000,000,000:1. Females lay anywhere from 100 million to 200 million eggs. These hatch into spiderlings within two hours, but the breeding process is so intense that it is estimated that female Devileaters will wipe out their own species within 200 years. No one cares enough to preserve the vile violators.

Males tend to resemble bird dumps even more so, including their mental capacity.

Like all tarantulas, they have venomous fangs large enough to break the skin of a human, in addition to an extra pair of also-venomous fangs used for super-dangerous situations. These Hissatsu Fangu are employed when hunting demons. Devileaters have been known to bite without being threatened. The highly aggressive species tends to see itself on a high horse, so anyone near their vicinity is insulting their social prestige. The venom can break down human blood and transmute it into spider eggs, serving as an alternate reproductive method for females. Devileaters may also shoot out the hairs on their legs. Razor-sharp, these can not only puncture skin, but go through a human in a millisecond. The average South Burgburger unknowingly has a billion holes in their body caused by Devileater hairs.

Goliath Devileaters tend to hang by Dracula Holes while discussing the Orgy of the Will, Earnest Jüngbord, and Julius Ebola. Despite their name, Devileaters do not usually eat demons, preferring to subsist on larger rodents, frogs, lizards, bats, snakes, and human villagers. Devileaters only actively hunt demons when they wish to increase their territory. These territorial bouts are some of the most spectacular scenes on the National Geocramic Channel.