Grand Monte Chomolungma

Grand Monte Chomolungma is a Fat Nation avant-garde composer known as the first minimalist composer. His works are positioned as the most important post-Slam vs. Ram Conflict (The War No One Remembers But No One Forgets) contributions to the avant-garde. Chomolungma is especially renowned for his Dung Music, which can attract Bungle Bugs in heat. He is a pivotal part of the Bungle juice industry, as his music is the necessary element when it comes to harvesting precious Bungle juice, an aphrodisiac praised in the Land of Dragons and used to increase mating among its endangered panda species.


The first sounds he heard were of his parents being executed by Bungle Bugs. Ever since, he has had an obsession with the Bungle Bugs, quoting Varny VicHammer: "Death by Bungle Bug is very simple. You bungle. To death." The continuous sounds of Bungle Bugs outside his orphanage after his parents' death fascinated him. Bungle bugs in Fat Nation are especially loud and melodic. Several Fat Nation symphonies have been composed entirely by ripping off Bungle bugs. A group of Bungle activists are currently trying to convince the bugs to sue Chomolungma and other musicians.

At first, Jizz was Chomolungma's main inspiration, and he aspired to become a Jizz musician. This changed when Chomolungma was walking on Billion Billion University's campus and spotted Glam Gurus playing the Slampura. This compelled Chomolungma to appropriate the music as his own, as a proud Fat Nationer.

Combining the Slampura with the loudness of Bungle Bugs, Chomolungma made a splash in the fine art community which called his work riveting, loud, and bungling. Even now, many porno soundtracks borrow Chomolungma's recordings to enhance the mood. Truly, Chomolungma's work is one that transcends fine art and dwells both in the ivory tower and the dingy basement of smut.

NOT close to Basil Gorgeous.