Grandgod Church

The mother church for the Religion of Slam, residing in Fatican City. It took 123 years and around 356,000 people to build, was completed 1,560 years ago, and holds the record for being the world's largest architectural unit. In fact, Grandgod Church is so massive that it might be mistaken for a city unto itself by unacquainted persons. Many of its structures were fashioned by Slam Artists, who had refined their slamming ability such that they could sculpt the finest objects out of a cornucopia of materials. Today, only a handful of guilds can slam in the name of Art at the same level of the old masters.

Most of Grandgod Church's premises are off limits to those not in the church's employ (and even then, there are strict hierarchies of access privileges). It is said that an average church employee will only see a quarter of the church's grounds in their lifetime, and that a fraction of these will get lost and die amidst the unpopulated, tortuous parts of the labyrinth.

A hot-spot for tourists and aesthetes is the extravagant Slamtheon, a gigantic circular room with a domed ceiling sporting a fresco of the Original Slam Gods doing the Babby Slam. The curving walls have six arched shallows that contain marble statues of the Neo Slam Gods. A seventh, empty shallow exists between those for Thrusticle and Jackbiggu; nobody, aside from perhaps the highest religious officials, knows what this oddity held, if indeed it ever held anything at all.

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