Graveman Gendo

Graveman Gendo is a human bodybuilder in the Land of Taiyou. He receives lots of attention, but no living being would know since all the attention is from spirits (in case you were wondering, skeletons are corporeal and are not spirits). One skeleton remarked that Graveman Gendo was an awful neighbor. Their apartment was situated next to a sea of graves, and Graveman Gendo would move the graves to face the apartments every night. This was so he could flex and show off his bod to all the spirits in the graveyard. Time and time again, the neighbors got mad and moved the tombstones back to their original positions. Nevertheless, Graveman Gendo persisted.

When police questioned Gendo on his crimes, he smirked, "Graveyard is gemba." The skeleton mentioned earlier grew increasingly frightened as Gendo kept up his charade. She alleged that, one night, the tombstones all grew eyes to watch Gendo. Finally, she resolved to place her television on her apartment's balcony. That night, she played the worst anime she could think of (Neon Genesis Evangelion) to piss off the voyeuristic spirits. The spirits just became more invested. Gendo, however, looked rather perturbed. His temples were magnificently slick with sweat as the sounds of A Cruel Angel's Thesis reached his ears.

Frustrated but enticed, the skeleton resolved to drive Gendo out of his apartment with a hissatsu keikaku. She bought several hundred dakimakura of Shinji Ikari and propped each up in front of a tombstone. Gendo, finding that he was watched by all of the Shinjis instead, immediately fled. The next morning, the skeleton was awakened by hundreds of spirits crying out, "NO!!! FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I'M ONLY DEAD SO I COULD SEE WHAT A REAL MAN LOOKS LIKE!!!" The skeleton was later evicted and Gendo was bribed back into leasing an apartment. As for the Shinji Ikari dakimakura, they all went missing.

Since Gendo's new lease, the graveyard's number of tombstones has increased a thousandfold.