Great Explosion

The Great Explosion is an event that took place circa Fifteenth Year of the Finnish Winters at Final Shin Dracula Castle. It is, as its name suggests, a huge explosion that destroyed the Brotherhood of Adluts's army following their failed attempt to take the castle.


After being defeated by Dragbriel Vamblin, M-Boomber de Kumquatal, a Paladin, took his crucifix out and started praying. Dragbriel joined the prayer, grabbing the cross to show that the Darkness and its goblin powers had no effect on him. An initial explosion blew off the soldiers nearby.

At the end of the prayer, finished by Dragbriel, the holy power exploded. The explosion was visible from space, covering approximately 5% of G-urth's surface, and heard from thousands of miles away. Dragbriel was the only survivor of the explosion, with perhaps the exception of Alucard who appeared thereafter.

Casualties and Consequences

M-Boomber de Kumquatal
Around 50,000 soldiers from the Brotherhood (according to a scroll)
Various equipment
A part of Final Shin Dracula Castle (it left a huge Dracula hole that is still visible five-hundred years later).