Great Keer River

The Great Keer River is a dick-shaped river that runs through Certain Country. It is regarded as the largest river on G-Urth. It begins at two lakes, Tokhme Avval and Tokhme Dovvom whose tributaries unite into the Great Keer. The rest of the river runs through the barren desert and it is among its riverbanks that Certain Country's civilization marks its birth. When the Great Keer River floods, it leaves a rich deposit of silt that enriches the surrounding flora and fauna with Muscle Force. It is rumored that at the bottom of both Tokhms lie "Pillar Gods" whose bodies bestow Certain Country with great strength. But because flooding is inconsistent, it can yield too low water or water that goes up an entire mile upwards. To control the river's flow, Crashbarzanes created a festival, The Week of Pillar Pushers, where wrestlers either try to grapple the excess water away or paddle more water in.

Several mosques and gymnasiums are situated around the Tokhms. Both lakes also have quarries that are mined for 100 carat diamonds.