Green Gablin

The Green Gablin is actually not a gablin, but a human who pretends to be a gablin.


An intelligent businessman, Boreman Cocksburn was fascinated by gablins and created a serum to turn himself into one. However, this serum failed — it only caused him think he was a gablin trapped in a human body, and also enraged him more than a Hell Tackle Devil.

Becoming the Green Gablin

Because of his genius, Boreman Cocksburn knew he was superior to other gablins. This lead to a pronounced superiority complex, and he began desiring to take what he believed was his by force. To this end, he created a sickly green gablin costume that he would wear at all times, and made his fuckface a million times more horrifying than a normal gablin's. He started running around in towns and cities, challenging people to say things to his face. At first, the people were not aware of his fuckface and he claimed many victims, but eventually they all surrendered to his demands and the Green Gablin became supreme.