Grim markka

Grim markka was once the currency of Finland. It is still a prominent currency due to its use by dwarves. It once reigned over the stock market with its raw and adult value. However, the Grim markka caused an inflation of Grim as it began to dominate overseas as an international currency. Unable to combat the melancholy that soon infested their populations, foreign nations persuaded Finland to abandon the Grim markka for its current currency, the Bingle.

Unlike the Bingle that represents one's worth, changing value in the hands of the beholder, the Grim markka is, in the eyes of Perkele, an actual extension of Crom, sharing his nonchalance and idolatry of Finnish melancholy. The Grim markka was forged and cast in the mountains of Hell by Satan himself, then cooled atop Blashyrkh before being put into circulation. Ignorant of its effects on the genetically-not-as-Grim non-Finnish, exposure led to depression and even death. This caused the deaths of millions when the Grim markka was popular enough to become a reserve currency; within a decade, the Finnish government was forced to create a new currency. However, the dwarves deep within the Finnish mountains still circulate the Grim markka, believing that its power of melancholy is far more fitting as the form of money, the root of all evil.