Großtodeswald is a loose confederation of kingdoms that share a love of wurst, lager, forged claims on long-gone centuries-old empires, and death. Kleingroßtodeswald is the only inhabitable region for (likely insane) immigrants as the Black Forest pervades a toxic fog of death on most of the land, (mostly lingering alcohol in the air), to those that cannot ingest more than 5 gallons of lager at once. Großtodeswald's capital of Friedhofburg houses the world's largest graveyard. Actually, the entire city is a graveyard and the population consists of zero living persons and a quarter of the world's dead. It has a booming economy based on giving funerals led by a group of ghosts known as the Hamburg Humbugs.

To rule in a Großtodeswalder kingdom, the common requirement is to be dead. For this reason, it is a common sight to see extremely confused diplomats fumble with the dead corpses of kings on thrones. The largest kingdom in Großtodeswald is named Horstland ruled by Horst the Wurst XIV, a sentient wurstmark. A common name convention is to add -dieter to the end. 90% of the population is named Thomas-Dieter, Hans-Dieter, and Dieter-Dieter. Contrary to popular belief, Großtodeswalders are terrible dieters.

Großtodeswald is the only state that openly celebrates Slam Fraud in its pantheon of Slam Gods. For this reason, it is common to call a Großtodeswalder a "fraud of a fan." Wasserjungfern are a prized export of Großtodeswald. The entire population is currently excommunicated by Grandgod Church.

Großtodeswald is home to the universe's largest compound words. The current largest word consists of five hundred infinity and ten characters and is used as the standard greeting. Because of how long the word is, Großtodeswalders have learned to speak at speeds of infinity phonemes per second.