Grumble Country

A place surrounded by mystery. It is said that its inhabitants communicate by mumbling and grumbling. The land is overcast 90% of the year, making it a grim-lover's paradise, and a nightmare for those afflicted with seasonal depression. Peklo is said to have gone here several times for vacation purposes. When he returned to Resonacia from his last visit, his souvenirs were a charred, arm's-length twig, a lackadaisical bullfrog in a bottle, and a thin mist that surrounded his body for two weeks.

Grumble Country supposedly is one of the few places in the world that has a mythology separate from the Book of Slams, although this mythology has never been willingly shared with foreigners. A single page from one of their holy books was stolen by a bungling adventurer long ago, and explains how the world came into being through deistic strains of incomprehensible apathy. The chief deity is named Buruhumbabarum.