Gungaa Hardlimit

Gungaa Hardlimit was an ancient philosopher who discovered the method to remove the limit on human potential. A visionary in her day, Gungaa was an avid follower of the then-obscure Cult of Slam. Born into the merchant class in Martinettio, Gungaa disobeyed her clan's wishes to get into banking and used her father's heirloom to pay for school in the then intellectual supercity of Brain-cho, Land of Taiyou, before anime consumed it. Attending the Mizutani-chan School for Media Manipulation, Gungaa discovered the rich history of the ice giants and how they practiced rituals to increase their slamming strength. Back then, slamming was seen as a dangerous, heretic activity so no one dared to replicate the ice giants' doom-culture. Gungaa traveled to the lost lands of Finland and observed the ice giants. After seven decades, she was finally able to replicate the ice giants' slam rituals, and removed various human ailments from her body such as aging and morality.

When she came back to Eurump with the sculpted body of a gigagod (similar to demigod but higher than a god), people from all around were frightened but intrigued at her transformation. After making seminars throughout the continent, the sentiments of slam came back and a new world order resembling civilization emerged.

Gungaa is credited with the creation of numerous training equipment, including the dumbbell, cable machine, bench press, and iron maiden. Of all her inventions, only the iron maiden has faded into obscurity in exercise regimens.