Guurando Chef Man

Father to Gordon Ramslay, Guurando Chef Man is a world-class chef, and owner of the highly successful Deadbread chain of bread-specializing restaurants. Despite Guurando and Ramslay being tied by blood and professions, there is a rift between them. Ramslay has attributed this to Guurando being a terrible human being, while Guurando has deemed his son's muscles "most unfit for a man claiming to be a True Chef" and has disowned him on this basis.

Guurando Chef Man remains shrouded in mystery, even with the international attention that he has garnered from his chain. It has been hypothesized by Ramslay that his father was corrupted during Ramslay's childhood when he created a bread called "Devil's Buns" and, eating it, was consumed by demonic power. Ramslay claims to have reproduced this bread on his own and tested it on bingledorps, with the result that the bingledorps transformed into a hybrid of bread and animal, thus leading Ramslay to believe that one day his father will succumb to this transformation.