Hades Universe

Not actually a universe, but a galaxy that is unique for having no variance in its livable planets' societies. Everyone in the Hades Universe is chronically PISSED OFF, and wants to only do battle for eternity. Naturally, this was a problem earlier on in the galaxy's lifespan, as battling obscured necessities such as eating, dumping, and sleeping (sex still occurred, albeit in an unwaveringly hardcore way). As a way to combat this, Hades Universe inhabitants fought with science and produced technology to enable perpetual feeding and waste management through tubular body armor and a chemical that lets one half of a person's brain sleep while the other half is awake and Making Violent.

It has been hypothesized by nearby galaxies that people in the Hades Universe want to fight all of the time because the galaxy is set to a raw, brutal soundtrack by Papa Roach. No one has yet located the source of this music. Some say that the center of the galaxy is a humongous, lyricizing cockroach that loves dirty beatz.

Jet "Nobody's Bitch" Li is ranked as the most powerful lifeform in the Hades Universe.