Hanako the Demon

Hanako the Demon is a wrestler currently signed to WHAMESCO. She was originally discovered by Magmalava Wrasslehon during a tour in the Land of Taiyou. As Magmalava was training against a toilet (rapidly flushing it to improve her wrist strength), Hanako burst from it and suddenly put Magmalava into a Hanako Lock, growling that the WHAMESCO executive was needlessly wasting water. After Magmalava was flung from the bathroom and discovered by security, the show transitioned into an unscripted incident where the entire roster took on the Bathroom Belphegor. They all lost and Hanako was immediately signed. Soon after, Hanako won the Women's Championship Belt and held onto it for about five trillion years. Maximal Letters later devised several tiers of Women's Championship Belts to help build competition, but Hanako swiftly claimed all of them. After the five trillion years, Hanako relinquished all five trillion belts. Commentators remarked, "She was just too powerful and held down the entire roster with her fearsome oni club. It is with great generosity that she has returned the belt."

Hanako's favorite movie is Onibaba, but she thinks there should've been actual Oni in it.