Harley Helling

Harley Helling is a merchant who once operated the legendary Anime Superstore in Resonacia. After a fifty year sentence for too much murder (he was over the legal daily limit of 10 murders) in Danger City Penitentiary Devil Zone, Harley, down on money, had to resort to shacking up with the Four Bings. At first, he despised the anime, but soon, he became the anime and opened up a store in bustling Resonacia. The Anime Superstore was a great success, and it became the center of Resonacia's trade with the country of the King of Anime, Makkusu Korossosu. However, the Successor grew agitated at the Superstore's existence and during the Fall of the Chapel, made sure to punch it flat.

Harley Helling now wanders the post-Chapel deathscape with his biker gang, the WOW Brigade, to spread wonder and excitement in the form of Japanese dvds, wall scrolls and drinks.