Hearty Fuudo

Hearty Fuudo was a giant of a man, weighing more than several other impossible-to-measure objects, and the judge of all bodybuilder contests. Contestants punched Hearty Fuudo's magnificent tubby belly. But because of his food-sack's incredible plumpness, Hearty Fuudo could not be hurt — only tickled. Hearty Fuudo was used as a counter to measure the SLAM in contestant's punches: the heartier his chuckle, the higher the Power Ga. Beyond the capacity for chuckling from being punched, though, it is not known how sentient Hearty Fuudo was. There were rare cases of Hearty Fuudo standing up if someone punched hard enough.

Hearty Fuudo was transported via a twenty-seven feet wide forklift named Tubber Wubber Puller, originally invented in Burgburg as a general-purpose form of transportation (discarded after it Cost Too Much).

The last words spoken to Hearty Fuudo were, "Say your goodbyes, lardass, 'cause you're already deadAAAHHHHH," by Nightmare when he finished off Hearty Fuudo for good. Following Hearty Fuudo's sudden death, many bodybuilding organizations demanded the execution of Nightmare for having killed the only accurate measuring tool for slamming power. However, the Caliph, then also the president of the Worldwide Bodybuilding Bodyslamming Federation, pardoned Nightmare, and proclaimed him the Most Slam.

Hearty Fuudo was posthumously named the Mascot of the Heart.

The mega-defenses of Hearty Fuudo's belly have given rise to various martial artists attempting to replicate the results of the belly. All have failed. It is not known how Hearty Fuudo achieved his belly, besides eating a lot. Nevertheless, the gap opened by Hearty Fuudo's death has caused the birth of a new job industry of contest judges termed Mister Hearts. Most Mister Hearts are eventually arrested or killed.

Hearty Fuudo was possibly related to the wrestler Rubber Flares.

Hearty Fuudo was originally called a "crazed butcher" (狂乱の屠殺人). This was later censored to "crazed murderer" (狂乱の殺人者) so as not to offend butchers.