Heat "Da Pompous" Pherump

Heat "Da Pompous" Pherump is a master of fire. Oft called the "Blaze of BURNING HEAT", Heat is immensely popular in Land of Taiyou. So intense is the cult of personality that Makkusu Korossosu's efforts to stomp out the "gaijin malady" have mostly ended in complete failure, only publicizing the sheer appeal of Heat's BURNING HEAT. He has mastered the technique to set his heart on fire, increasing his physical abilities by a hundredfold. Heat wanders the world in school uniform searching for the ultimate opponent who can withstand his BURNING HEAT.

Heat's secret weakness is schoolgirls. Upon seeing them, his nose ejects a fountain of crimson liquid (read: NOT BLOOD). Heat also popularized the wrestling technique of using one's Inner Slam to create a fiery aura around oneself — the predecessor of the more modern Super Saiyan Technique. Heat is currently engaged with destroying the Certain regime of Pharaoh Sunshine.