Heck is a place that is actually an impostor of Hell. Usually, if a soul's deeds are weighted as terrible but not too terrible, they are sent down a chute to Heck instead of Hell. Unlike Hell, Satan does not have dominion over Heck. Instead, his brother, Santa, rules over it, and it is presumed that Xmas gifts are made by the inhabitants of Heck.

While the claim is not objective, many people say Heck is the absolute worst place on (or in) G-Urth because no one wants to make toys — or anything, for that matter — for children, the most satanic of the humans. Because of their shared blood, Satan occasionally sends Muscle Satans to help the spirits of Heck as an act of goodwill and pity. Unfortunately, this usually ends up turning into ridiculous comedic gags between the spirits and Muscle Satans from the comical combination of hard-lined hard hats (spirits) and impulsive dimwits (Muscle Satans). These interactions ultimately formed the foundation of physical comedy.