Hefty McRiled

Hefty McRiled is the only mariner who has passed by the Whirlpool of Hoohas and survived its insanity-inducing cacophony, so-called "Martinet" by seafarers, as its ejaculations resemble the phonetic traits of Martinettio's language. Rather than achieving this feat through willpower or cunning, as rumors may say, Hefty resisted Martinet simply because he was too busy screaming, "NOW THAT'S MARINER POWER" while tending to his boat's demands.

Hefty has been through many fights, but has been bested by only one opponent: the giant, eighty-meter long, human-eating Satan Shark. They fought several battles, and finally met in their SHIN SAIKO match. Hefty was routed and his boat wrecked, but he somehow managed to recover as he hovered on the verge of death. Also a bodybuilder, Hefty used the prize money from Muscle Offs he won thereafter to build a new boat and so do battle with the shark again.

Hefty's boat, WAVEBLADDER, has been wrecked five times by Satan Shark. He is currently trying to accumulate enough wealth to repair his boat once again and outfit it with diamond-encrusted Slam Spears enchanted with the prayers of Slam Priests.