Goblin surprised by Hell.

Home of Satan and all his minions. Located deep within the heart of the G-Urth. It is nearly impossible to escape from, and full of lunatic demons of the highest order, making exploration difficult. No one knows who created Hell, and Satan refuses to comment.

Hell is comprised of spherical layers of strata, with the Core being the center.

Welcome to Nightmare

A 10,000:1 scale model of Nightmare's insides. Upon dying, people are shot from a cannon, Dead-Damner, straight into the smug face of Nightmare, whereupon they are ingested by the terrible body with feelings of inadequacy. Departed souls are aghast due to the accuracy of the area's textures, smells, and tastes. They are then usually demolished by 10,000:1 scale models of Nightmare's white blood cells that resemble albino Satans (with double the muscle and make-up). During the hellish trip, travelers are accompanied by a glam rock soundtrack. Scientists, after salvaging numerous body parts of the Legend, discovered that his innards emit the very same tunes; they have thus arrived at the conclusion that souls are morphed to mega-minuscule size and transported to Nightmare's body.

Given the current conditions of Nightmare's carcass, it is likely that there are wandering micro-spirits who are extremely jealous of the dead man's beauty, and are source of ghastly incidents at many a bodybuilder contest in recent years. For this reason, Nightmare's salvaged body parts are now wrapped in linen to prevent SOUL SPILL.

Approach of Deplore

Positive Mood Abandoned

Feel the Especially Heat

Unlimited Demon Disaster

A satanic city with a surplus population of Muscle Satans, Super Deformed Satans, Battle Satans, and the exclusive-to-Hell Big Butt Satans. In the center of a city is a factory that produces hellishly hot hot sauce called BadBoy RoadVulture BoobyBab HogSizzle BigDaddy-O Hot Sauce, and its oily, stinging fumes have irritated the demonic population's eyes to the extent that they can no longer see. All of the city's demons consequently are angrier than usual, and have covered their bodies in motion-detecting Gatling guns to vent. Because Satans' bodies are resistant to bullets, the city is full of gun-equipped devils walking around, eternally and blindly discharging bullets upon one another and heightening the Societal Rage to theoretically near-impossible levels. Unlimited Demon Disaster has been described by explorers as a "really stupid DooM WAD level."

Hell Garage

A flamin' hot garage full of gaudy muscle cars that are the size of cities going irresponsibly fast and ramming into each other. Each car is full of 500,000,000 demons that are clumped together to form a composite demon large enough drive. If the exhaust fumes don't kill the unlucky soul who finds themselves here, the RAMbunctious cars almost certainly will.

Magnificent of Bulging Intestine

A labyrinthine complex that is actually the interior of a titantic, slumbering Bingobottom, nicknamed "Emperor of Unchallengeable Obliterate" by devils. Excepting its face and butt, all of its body is embedded in an impenetrable stratum of Darkest NegaStar Mithril, and can only be entered when King of Destroy opens its mouth while talking in its sleep (many of these phrases repeat, such as "I ♡ Money", "Hurry Up to Exit", and "Mansion of the Four Heavenly Kings"). Those who have survived a trek through Hell cite this as the worst transitional zone to traverse (and exit).

A Walk to Despair Soul

An imperceptibly declining corridor. As the traveler walks down it, they are hit by strokes of revolutionary creative genius, and the means to execute these plans appear before them, yet a split second later they are deprived of these means. This instills in the person a crushing sense of loss, guilt, and anger. It is rare that the victim of this cruel corridor does not go insane. The only features of the corridor are holes in the walls through which devils shove and wiggle their butts to make fun of the depressed/insane person.

Final Stair

A descending staircase that is infinite. One must reject this illusion and take a hidden door, disguised as nothing, near the staircase's beginning to reach the Core. If one misses this door, they are doomed, as turning around causes the person to be grabbed by a thousand detached hands and dragged to the Hades Universe. Final Stair has a very high fiend encounter rate: every step taken causes five-hundred Maniac Crusaders to appear, so a step-by-step approach is advised.

Some say that the staircase does have an end that drops off into darkness, and leads the person who follows this darkness into the abode of the Four Bings.


An enormous hollowed out sphere. Temperatures can reach 3500 °C. Satan sits on a floating throne of tremendous proportion suspended in the sphere's middle. At the sphere's bottom is a huge mass of Hellbrambles. Damned souls suffer an eternity of trying to scramble up the sides of the sphere (covered in extra UN-virgin olive oil), failing to do so, and falling back down to be speared, yet not fatally wounded, upon the Hellbrambles. Satan is not without a sense of whimsy, and has hung numerous disco balls from the sphere's ceiling (for this sin, he has been criticized by interior designers). The Core is, in actuality, the eyeball of a monster too enormous to be named which died long ago. The eyeball was taken from its socket and cleared of its gooey contents by legions of devils to make a suitable home for Satan and his victims.

Hotspots in Core:
- Satan's Evil Final Castle
- Extremely Evil Castle Tended to by Satan's Serfs
- Satan's Hunting Woods with Hunting Restrictions on Wild Boars
- Magnificent King Devil's Throne Doubling as a Potty