Hell Baker

Hell Baker is a misunderstood skeleton who is best friends with Creaking Skull, and is the leader of the motorcycle posse that protects Creaking Skull. Creaking Skull and Hell Baker's posse are constantly routed by the Beaumont family. Hell Baker, forever, really just wants to get close to Creaking Skull and give him his skeleton cake, which he labored over ten weeks for, and confess his love. However, the handling on Hell Baker's motorcycle is atrocious and this will never be. The main reason it took ten weeks to bake is because he tried to light the cake with his motorcycle's wheels, only to have them crush the cake. Upon the cake's crushing, the baking cycle began anew.

One wonders what the skeleton cake looks like now, after Hell Baker has crashed his bike so many times and since over a hundred years have passed since its baking. In any case, Hell Baker's heart is doomed.

Hell Baker wears a red scarf because he thinks it's cool. None of the other skeletons think so. They all laugh at him in secret, doubly so for his wearing leather clothing, for most skeletons acknowledge death as freedom from clothes.

When Hell Baker was human, it is rumored he was extremely violent; it is perhaps this battle tendency that led him into the similarly murderous field of cuisine. Although Hell Baker never wants to admit it, he fetishizes the death of yeast.

In his spare time, Hell Baker deliveries his baked goods to people all over the world. He does not get very good tips from this. When be brakes, his bike releases a gust and blows innocent people away.

Hell Baker is fond of Certain Delights.