Hell (Demon)

Hell, also known as Ceck, and mostly as Sec for always being one second too late, was an insectile demon originating from HFIL (Home For Infinite Lariats). Hell is the slowest known demon ever, being so slow that what he perceived to be Instant Transmission was merely walking speed. Hell's monumental sluggishness led to his death via malnutrition.

NB: Not to be confused with the inferno of Hell.

Hell's ultimate goal was to ascend to his Perfect form, but this required history's Most Powerful Feast, consisting of the entirety of God Hell Island. This meant he not only needed to open his maw wide enough to engulf the 91,875 mi² of the island, but to also gradually swallow it. Sadly, Hell suffered from chronic jawbone pain, leading to an extremely slow process of opening and closing his mouth. Such terrific consumption was, in the end, an impossible task, and Hell died.

Many years after his death, his corpse was swept into the basement of K'ass-a-K'so Ko School, where he was eaten by the Queen of K'ass-a-K'so Ko Basement. Consequently, the Queen gained roughly a trillionth of Power-Ga but suffered a loss of speed drastic enough to have her killed by a bored custodian burning her with a magnifying glass in the darkness of the basement.

The attributes of Hell's Perfect form remain mostly unknown; however, studies have shown that he would have become delectably handsome and nearly approached the power of a young boy, enough to render him irreparably smug.