Hell Forest

Forest of maximum death and devilry, overseen by King of Devil. Visitation is recommended only if a person wishes to have their body exploded by overwhelming Hell Powers. The population density is fifty demons per square inch, so look out. Hell Forest is especially loved by a proud type of Dracula called a Falter Burnhard, which climbs trees and, atop the highest branches, make racist speeches against anything not-Dracula. Holes shaped like enraged demon mouths pocket the forest floor. Some lead to portals to the Hades Universe.

Hell Forest has a collective power level of 540,000,000,000, and grows stronger every year as the demonic population multiplies and embeds more IBIRU ENERUGI GA in the foliage. Although the trees are not sentient, if a tree hater were to punch or kick them, their attack would be repelled so hard by Inherent Devil Force that they would instantly be sent to Hell.