Hell Pit

Any hole on the surface of the G-Urth that leads to Hell. Howl Head is the most popular example. Hell pits tend to be disguised as things that would lead a passerby to not think of them as portals to eternal gnashing and wailing. Exceptions to this would be the Hell pits in Hell Forest (but, experts agree, it would be a bit ridiculous if the pits there pretended to be anything else). The majority of Hell pits were created by Satan and his minions. There are a scant few that are the result of human pranksters who were devoted but also stupid, because, to complete the tunnels to Hell, they needed to tunnel into Hell itself.

Since Hell pits cannot be plugged up, due to their extensive tunnel length, they can only be covered. These covers take the form of small domes or cubes of metal and/or stonework. Demons combat these measures by infiltrating affected settlements at night and drawing anatomically preposterous butts on these covers, necessitating their constant removal and replacement, for fear that youths will realize that they do, indeed, have butts. Some towns have given up, and simply hope that people will be smart enough to avoid black holes in the ground.

The leading cause of death in settlements, besides those natural, is a fall into Hell.


Hell Pit Stop