Hell Tackle Devil

The Hell Tackle Devil is an enormously large monster that cannot be classified into any single species. It is about 25 metres tall and 50 metres wide, and can be found in the Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley. It is a very ferocious beast that catches on fire when a creature trespasses on its territory. It tackles its victims at supersonic speed, though it can only maintain this speed for the instant it tackles, and will get weary if it tries to maintain this speed for any longer.

The power of its fiery tackles have earned it its name, alongside its demonic and fearsome appearance. It has a hundred arms and, thus, a hundred shoulders to tackle with. Ten-thousand sharp blades protrude from its back. Its head sports a goatee and sixty horns of various shapes and sizes. Its body is coloured black, turning red when it becomes angry. A bipedal beast, its gait resembles a fusion of gorilla and human.

The Hell Tackle Devil's one weakness, exploited by hunters and the like, is that its aim is inaccurate when it tackles. However, this is not much of a weakness; its body is strong enough to repel most weaponry and bullets. The main form of hunting it is to slam it at hypersonic speeds.