Hella Hellas

Hella Hellas is a neighboring country of Martinettio. They're basically about the same. Hella Hellas is considered one of the hundred Cradles of Eurumpean Slam, listing it among cultural giants such as Finland, Northern Finland, Dumppi, Martinettio, Finland the Second, Finland Jr., Finland X, and Slamopolis. Currently, it is the cradle of the Eurumpean Bingle Crisis, after the president bought too many bingles.

Famous Landmarks

  • Mount Godtop
  • Ancient War Country
  • Volcano-Ridden Ash Town Hell
  • The Paintheon
  • Acropolis of Bodybuilders
  • Nosessos
  • Stadium of Ancient Naked People
  • Minotaur Maze: The Original
  • Colossus of Loads
  • Statue of Pumpataron at Slamopolis
  • Sexy Minotaur Maze
  • Mausoleum at Crashbarzanes's Joint

Hella Hellas is also home to the Spin.