Hellhurlers are salamanders from the Land of Dragons. They are scientifically referred to as the "KINGS OF THE SHIT HELL." They have rock-hard scales which wear down weapons very quickly. Most Dragonese adventurers prefer using their rock-crushing fists, however, making this defense of the Hellhurlers fairly useless. The animal's most dangerous aspect is its ability to conjure up fragments of Hell in its stomach and vomit them rapidly at incredible velocities. This can be avoided by going behind a Hellhurler and hacking at its back until it dies, as "turning around" has yet to be incorporated into their tactical vocabulary.

There is a smarter variety that has the ability to turn and move, but they live in an obscure region of Hell and are small enough to be stepped on anyway. Philosophers remain interested in this sub-species, and the question of whether a Hellhurler in Hell can vomit itself is one of the most hotly debated topics at Billion Billion University.

Hellhurlers' natural habitat is brick hallways guarded by katana-wielding goblins. As such, Hellhurlers have been associated with cultural appropriation even though they are not direct proponents of it. Many argue that that the lack of critique in Hellhurler circles regarding these goblins, despite close living proximity, makes them complicit in the appropriation.

Allegedly, Hellhurlers and these katana-wielding goblins know One Taiyouningen who has expressed nonchalance towards the matter, making it No Problem at all.