Hellvetti Mökki

One of Peklo's getaways. It is conveniently located next to a Hell pit that masquerades as a brutalist outdoor bath, punishing trespassers who are itching for a good rub-a-dub-dub. In a rare interview, Peklo provided some information about his Mökki:

The cabin is next to a pretty steep cliff. There's this big two-story building right next to it, much older, and it kind of leans toward the cliffside. One of its corners is supported by just a big rock. I've been afraid of it collapsing and falling down the hill and into the river for like twenty years. Sometimes there are bats in it. And a squirrel fell from its wall and drowned once. We buried it in the forest. Also, in the opposite direction from the cliff and river, there's this old old building near the edge of the forest. Basically a ruin. I've only ever known it as The Sheep Shack. I don't think it's ever been used for anything. It just looms there. There's this abandoned house a little further in the forest, too, but I've only been there once.