Hezeus of Cramereth

Hezeus of Cramereth is a Saiyan with the unbelievable powers to walk over water and transmute water into wine. His preferred method of killing is to grasp a person's head and turn their blood into wine. Hezeus is omnipresent but prefers direct visceral combat.

Hezeus is also responsible for 99% of the world's salt supply, but it is not certain where he harvests it from. Lots of famous actors resemble him, including the Jammy Deep. Hezeus also shares an apartment with Alan in Land of Taiyou. Together, they watch street races while wearing matching t-shirts.

Hezeus was once jabbed by a 1,000,000,000 km long spear, and shrugged it off. Additionally, he was used as a hammer to nail Dark Slam Gods to the Bling Bang Cells, but the Dark Slam Gods managed to make their escape when they profusely apologized for their Evil. Hezeus, bearing no grudge to satans, plied the nails from their bodies. The Neo Slam Gods, incredibly angered by this betrayal, decided to make Hezeus wear a dunce cap made of titanium spikes.

However, they failed to recognize the final fashion power of Hezeus. Within a week, titanium spiked dunce caps were the distinguished headgear of nobles everywhere.

One day, Hezeus got a scratch on his shoulder by walking into a fig tree. The fig's barren dryness combined with his equally dry washboard shoulders kindled a fire. After angrily cursing it, he apologized once he realized it was a reflection of himself, a burning bush. Nevertheless, the fig tree was doomed to never bear fruit again, because it burned to a crisp.

The resulting pile of ash would later become a strong political power as it cursed people openly. Said people angrily retorted at the pile, and being insulted by a pile of ash, they all eventually changed their lifestyles to appeal to it. This led to several political upheavals, until one day, a man scooped up the ash and poured it down Howl Head.

Hezeus later wrote two memoirs. To appeal to a wider audience, he made one memoir appeal to those in love with killing, and another for those in love with chilling. Collectively, these two memoirs are called the Bibble. Separately, they are known as The Old Slam Masters and The You Testament. Both contain extensive accounts of wrestling.

Wears blue jeans.