HFIL, or Home for Infinite Lariats, is a minor and obscure subsection of Hell where the gravity is so intense that the only beings which can exist are small, super-muscular arthropods whose undersides are three millimeters away from grazing the scorching ground.

The "Lariat" in HFIL's name is an irrelevant brag-bluff. Not one of its inhabitants can execute a lariat, much less even knows what a lariat is and how it is distinct from a clothesline. It is possible that HFIL was founded as such to be a cruel joke and lure in damned wrestlers hoping for an eternal Summer Slam, only to find their bodies crushed by gravity five-hundred times more potent than the usual force. Evidence for this possibility are the hundreds of flattened and petrified wrestler bodies dotting HFIL's landscape.