Hidden G Power

A legendary power said to lurk within the hearts of all beings, next to the power of Slam. No one has yet unlocked the key to its unveiling, not even the Neo Slam Gods. This supreme hiddenness has led Musclemania scholars to hypothesize that it may be the universe's ultimate life force, rather than Slam, although even as a hypothesis this is too much for most scholars to swallow. The chief text upon which these studies depend, a ten-ton tome called the G-Account (author unknown, dubbed Homer G), sees two perhaps imaginary figures (G I and G II) in a dialogue that explores the nature of Hidden G Power.

The most famous exchange is as follows:

G I: "Does a trap have g power?"

G II: "some traps do have a hidden g power but basical no"

G II's answer provides a rich ambiguity that has fueled the debate as to whether or not inanimate objects (such as bear traps and Satan traps) have Hidden G Power, too. Guesses as to what the "G" stands for include "Great," "Gratuitous," "Glam," "Gorgeous," and "Giganter." Uniquely, Diplo believes it stands for "GaoGaiGar."

Another guess is that neither the G-Account nor language exist.