Hidden Hell

A numerously layered zone of Hell that exists below Deepest Hell.

It is also known as the "Hell Temple", despite the existence of another place called Hell Temple.



  • Hell Labyrinth Maze
  • Kitchen
  • Eternally Punished Maze Of Ascetic Fools
  • Final Prison For Loser Gods Who Lost At Playing Poker With Satan
  • Deeper Final Prison Of Loser Gods Who Also Lost At Playing Poker With Satan
  • Bathroom
  • Entry Hall Of Hell Temple Building Because You Have Actually Been In Hell Temple Guest House
  • Maze Of Flayed Souls And Also The Area Where The Nice China Is Kept For Eternal
  • Hidden Hell
  • Secret Hell Is Different From Hidden Hell And You Will Find Out Why
  • Obvious Hell
  • Satan's Rent-Controlled Condominium Of Suffering Heretics