Hitter is a muscle networking platform that utilizes the International Bicep Pumpfield so that bodybuilders may upload and transmit their punches across the world into the faces of others. Bodybuilders may "follow" other bodybuilders. Upon opening Hitter, they receive a feed of all the bodybuilders' punches that they follow. The result is an elaborate web of punchings.

Hitter has a net worth of over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Mu$cle. Its logo is that of a flexing bord. It was invented by Martinettion musclebound entrepreneur, Jacked-Up Latissimus Dorsi. Dorsi has said this about Hitter:

"this is a new age of muscle information, people can punch or get punched at any moment, we live in golden age, no longer do we have to walk a feet and encounter demon for punch battle, now we can look at our iBone and exchange the punches, i love the bicepfield and me."

Dorsi later explained the origin of the title:

"…we came across the word 'hitter,' and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of extreme muscle intensity,' and the 'chipping of bone.' And that's exactly what the product was."

Through UFL, Hitter has gained the emergent property of communication, and bodybuilders across the world now share their personal lives on Hitter through sophisticated punching. News agencies are astonished by this usage, and often report on "selfies" — a Hitter user's face being marked with the face of someone they followed — and "food-hits" — bodybuilders perfectly articulating their meals through a specific punching of the taste-buds of the receiving Hitter.