Ho Most Handsome Halls

A hall connected to the foyer of Resonacia's main building. It contains various master works of art. During the Successor Slam, the hall amazingly remained intact because the statues' intensely flexed poses gave them enough natural Muscle Force to deflect the dark slam energies of the Successor, destroying the nearby WHAMESCO World Heritage Site, Rump Road.

Guests of the Chapel were usually escorted through the Ho Most Handsome Halls as a rite of passage. If the statues or paintings spotted someone unworthy of entering, they would tense up, and the resulting Final Flexion Force would obliterate the visitor on the spot. A few times, extremely bodybuilders volunteered to stand in as statues while they underwent maintenance.

Statues were fed a diet of grains and goblin gruel to keep them in tip-top shape. For statues holding tremendous balls or similarly epic-sized props and who showed signs of wearing out, volunteers were hired as spotters. In addition, numerous chapelpeople would be called in to mock the statue for being the weak-whumper. Statues that eventually lost their limbs or cracked were transported to the Forge of Fools. There, they would be smashed and melded into a mass of marble — the Pathetic Pillar.

While not intended as a military defense, the hall's abilities proved fruitful during the Invasion of the Chapel and the Chapel-Dungeon Bumble of the Fifth Flex Age, when Antique Table forgot to lock the front door of the Chapel.