Hoilasi was a tonttu famous for rivaling Giz in units of Annoyed. Unlike other tonttus who were more reserved and used stealth for pranks, Hoilasi went straight up to farmers and their families, then sang tales of the farmer's misdeeds. But this was just the primer, as the farmers struggled to retort back, Hoilasi used an incomprehensible form of logic that crushed their arguments, and left them humiliated, and often kicked from the household.

When Giz learned of Hoilasi, he went to arrange a duel with the tonttu, jealous of its prodigious argumentative abilities. When they met on Jut's Farm, they had a week-long argument about whether Donte was Giz's son. However, even Giz was unable to counter Hoilasi's arguments and little by little, they were beginning to whittle away at his fortified ego. Giz, in a last ditch attempt, began to scream "Heh's" at Hoilasi.

The Heh's were so imbued with jealousy, hatred, and insecurity, that Hoilasi spontaneously combusted. Afterward, Giz stole Hoilasi's argumentative method for himself. The spot of Hoilasi's death is now called the Tupakkanurkka and is revered by local goblins and farmers who once despised Hoilasi.