"He is not a Homey-G. He has transcended the G. He is … a Homey Z. Nay — he is the Homey-Z."

The above is a stock sentence told to those who have misconceptions of Homey-Z.

Homey-Z is the ultimate chum, but will not hesitate to bring alternative justice to those that threaten the good folk. Donned in huge sunglasses that hide his eyes, a blue baseball cap, XXL Hawaiian shorts that are green and yellow, and big black leather boots with spikes on the soles, Homey-Z is an inspiring sight. His appearance and aura can compel a first-time viewer to change their life for the better on the spot. In this regard, he can be compared to Dag Infinite.

For people who have never met Homey-Z, he is much more of a public nuisance. Parents cry out that his ways demean society's morals and corrupt children. Some even go so far as to proclaim that modern culture, a world for nurturing soldiers, was first brought about by dirty denizens like Homey-Z. Predictably, reactionaries retort that such remarks are blasphemy against the Neo Slam Gods. Numerous countries have, nevertheless, put up a warrant for Homey-Z's arrest, although they are often for misdemeanors, like setting Duwang Park ablaze, rather than Homey-Z's larger crimes (e.g., murder).

Dag Infinite himself has a grudge against Homey-Z. Despite numerous similarities, Dag Infinite often calls out Homey-Z for not doing his laundry enough, or for preferring to foster relationships with dregs of males over a female. The feeling is not mutual, and Homey-Z makes an effort to attend Dag Infinite's bodybuilding conferences with his entire gang, often setting off fireworks. These antics caused the Great Muscle Fire, wherein the Biceptonn Lakes Convention Center was lost.

Homey-Z was born in Danger City. As a teenager, he organized his own gang called Be Bad For Good, and helped to get rid of the mohawked thugs that were terrorizing the city's inhabitants, either by driving them away or through more violent means. After a long day of battles, Homey-Z is fond of sitting atop a mass of ruined buildings in the Condemned District and playing his lucky harmonica for the gang.