The Honkrammer, also known as the Double RamJammer, is a vehicle that is used by the Dark Slam Gods. It has been compared to Ramrod's black Dodge Charger RT, Long Slam of the Soul, with the observation made that both automobiles have wheels.

The Honkrammer has prongs attached to its front that are used to spear angry creatures, such as Draculas and Muscle Satans. These prongs can then project at a Maximum Force and fling the speared creatures at victims. This tactic was employed during the Dark Slam Gods' "War Against Spaghetti" that involved the Neo Slam Gods and a number of high level chefs.

Shadowslam has gone on record saying that the Honkrammer has set the world record for most building walls consecutively broken through with an automobile, but has not provided photographic evidence of this. However, his claim has been corroborated by 54,000 home and store owners whose buildings are full of Honkrammer-shaped holes.

The Honkrammer can usually be found vibrating wildly against walls, honking out of control.