Horn Slamming

A popular sport all across G-Urth, to be played amongst either men, women, and goblins, giant Dag Beetles, or even gianter Dag Ultimate beetles. There are only 3 criterion a player must meet: sufficient GRIM, sufficient GLAM, and excessive BRAVE.

Competitions take place 67,385 km above G-Urth's thin and flaky crust, amongst the boughs of the mighty maple trees in Conn's orchard. Beetles must use their ultra slam horns to ram one another off the branches. The loser plummets to the ground at hyper-light speed, usually leaving a crater a deep as the trees themselves, while the winner has his, her, or its name inscribed forever into the halls of legend. Competition rules are similar for people, Finlanders, and goblins, except participants must wear mandible crowns shaped like those of the brave beetles in their attempts to ram each other.

It is hypothesized that due to the size of the craters created when a loser hits G-Urth (there are over 10 million victims in Conn's orchard alone), the world itself will topple into destruction if one more tournament is held. Donald G. Rump, president, prime minster, and C.E.O of N.A.T.A.S Zaibatsu, organizer of all jousts, tests of strength, and gaming competitions in Slamerica (and therefore G-Urth) has ignored these warnings and plans to hold the 1000th special Horn Slam Tournament in Finland as planned.

The only sport in the world more popular is the Giga G. Rumble, also ran by Donald G. Rump.