Hubort Demon

The Hubort Demon is probably the most-hunted monster in Jumbo Whopping Titanic Pump Valley. Fitted with three pairs of wings, it struggles in its attempts for locomotion, and natural air intoxicates it like alcohol to a human. The Hubort Demon is a meager seven feet tall, and fumbles around the valley. Because of the many deep gorges in the valley, it is common to see pits filled with Hubort Demons that fell to their death. When there is a lack of humans to eat, Glum Rammer Lords and Hell Tackle Devils gladly feed on the fallen corpses of Hubort Demons for their remarkable nutritional value. Some humans have tried their meat and liken it to pork, but warn that consuming the liver can make a person experience the same intoxication a Hubort Demon endures. In these cases, fellow adventurers may have to put their friend out of misery.

This peculiar monster wields a handful of weapons. While it ends up stabbing itself most of the time, its weapon-wailing is still a threat. In most cases, the parasitic snakes that wrap around the Hubort Demon are more dangerous.

Natural selection has surprisingly not weeded them out because of their amazing reproduction rate. Hubort Demons can be fertilized by simply bumping into each other, and give birth when they hit the valley ground and explode.