Human Pumphole

Human Pumphole are ritualistic pits that are dug in by humans. They are a key to childbirth, a process that is still deeply shrouded in mystery. Since time immemorial, humans have always dug pits into the G-Urth upon wishing for a child. If luck so happens to strike them, a child will be pumped out of the hole. Despite the lack of information on how this process actually works, certain conditions are required of recipients. For example, couples have a better chance of summoning a newborn than a solitary person. Furthermore, oral tradition throughout the world has linked childbirth with Pumpatron. The ritualistic nature of maintaining a Human Pumphole is a daily recantation of the hymn, "Pumpatron, Pump a Ton!" over approximately nine months. In current times, pumpholes are usually fed sacrificial offerings in the form of dumbbells and other common training equipment.

There is an underworld dwarven industry where counterfeiters dig into Human Pumpholes from beneath and pump out stolen goblin children. The practice is a form of bringing great misery. Usually the targeted pumpholes were too deep and interfered with the infrastructure of dwarven plumbing.

Despite goblins sharing biological lineage with humans, their reproductive process is far more vile, as their pits are located on their bodies rather than that of the pure G-Urth.