Humans' Right to Kill with Minimum Moral Guilt

Humans' Right to Kill with Minimum Moral Guilt (HRKMMG) is a growing movement commandeered by the idea that all living animals are entitled to being punched (to oblivion) in such a way that they feel no suffering, because, either way, all living animals must perish under human subsistence. There have been arguments that the movement should expand its view to condemn taking away an animal's right to live, but HRKMMG groups retort that no one lives forever and that no one has a right to live.

A number of radical advocates are applying the movement's treatises to killing humans, wherein subsistence is gained from their increased sense of cool.

Demons, not being humans, are not entitled to these standards and freely slaughter animals, and humans, the same way they have been for all eternity: The Butt Crack Slam.