Humungaad Huge

Humungaad Huge was a famous catch wrestler and monster hunter from Certain Country who was renowned for his ability to become extremely huge to tackle the ferocious monsters of the terrible deserts of Certain Country.

Humungaad is rumored to have taken down over three thousand Deviljhos with his catch-wrestling technique. So prestigious was his ability, that the Caliph banned his attempts to start a school. Instead the Caliph coerced Humungaad into only teaching his style of catch-wrestling to the royal family. Therefore, the Bare Fist of the Glamorous Desert actually originates from Humungaad's style.

Nevertheless, Humungaad's style has a large number of differences from the modern Bare Fist of the Glamorous Desert. For example, the ability to turn extremely huge was excised from the art because it was deemed too powerful in the third Council of Wrassleburg. The Bare Fist of the Glamorous Desert also emphasizes on a superior but effective motion of beauty, whereas Humungaad's style was extremely technical and even considered "borning" by jealous contemporaries.