Hunkle Sugoi Grubber

The Hunkle Sugoi Grubber is a "sentient" grub hole that is revered in pagan Finnish religion. The Hunkle Sugoi Grubber slowly sifts through soil in search of the ultimate anime. Having take on such a perilous quest for over millions of years, the Hunkle Sugoi Grubber is not just a legendary anime critic but the most dangerous pit in the world. The Hunkle Sugoi Grubber judges anime by ingesting a collection of anime DVDs whole, usually a storehouse. However, with the Hunkle Sugoi Grubber's extreme aesthetic values, it opens its bottom hole, the bung hole, and slings anime DVDs into the g-urth's core. Because of this, most anime has become extremely rare on DVD, causing their exorbitant prices. Hunkle Sugoi Grubber is relentless in destroying most anime in print. It is not known what happens when Hunkle Sugoi Grubber comes across a good anime.