Ibiru Timmu
Ibiru Timmu
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Ibiru Timmu is a specter that haunts Lapekto. In the early morning, it can be spotted, grumbling to itself about Coxxus's incompetence. While it has never been spotted doing so, Ibiru Timmu consumes the media it finds in Lapekto, ranging from Peklo's futanari collection to Thernz's terrible collection of video games, heretical inventions that divert humans from the path of pumping, then spews out its discovery of illogical inconsistencies to those that witness it. Ibiru Timmu is in the process of creating the first film directed by a non-human/demon/god. Most of it is footage of Thernz's videogames overlaid with Ibiru Timmu's arousing Manchesterer voice.

Ibiru Timmu is beloved among the Chapelpeople. He is like the aniki whose company is rare but always welcome to them. Finally, he left them.

Then he unleft them.